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Share your open meetings / public records battles with the Transparency Project of Georgia.

Citizens and fellow journalists can benefit from your experiences.

Post in our “Reply” sections or send original articles and columns to Jim Zachary at  or Kelsey Cochran at: to be published as part of our project.

Or, can we be of assistance? 

Not sure when a local school board can recess into executive session and discuss public business in private?

See items listed on a consent agenda that were reportedly decided in “executive committee,” and never discussed in an open public meeting?

Been denied copies of city, county or school system budget?

For assistance:

(1) Post in the “Reply,” section below for feedback; or

(2) Send detailed message to Transparency Project of Georgia Director Jim Zachary at


DISCLAIMER: The Transparency Project of Georgia does not provide legal counsel. The opinions / views expressed on this site or by any representative do not constitute a legal opinion and should not be used as a legal argument or defense of position. The Transparency Project of Georgia is a research project and resource for information regarding open meetings and open records issues facing Georgia citizens.

One thought on “Media / Journalists

  1. My name is Sheila Mathews and I publish an indie newspaper in Griffin. Until this evening, I was unaware of your existence, but I’m thrilled to have found you!
    Since mid-June, I’ve dealt with the most egregious examples of willful noncompliance with the Open Records Act I’ve experienced. I look forward to sharing links to numerous articles I’ve written regarding my ongoing struggle to obtain information in the hope it may encourage others to keep up the good fight!
    Thank you for your dedication to transparency in government. It’s truly appreciated.

    Sheila Mathews
    The Grip

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