Journalists push for federal shield law

Jailed journalists advocate for federal law to shield journalists

By Jim Zachary

ATLANTA — People are jailed for many reasons.

Some use or peddle illegal drugs, others steal, while the worst offenders commit rape or even murder.

Brian Karem simply refused to name the source for a news report.

Karem went to jail four times after he refused to give up a confidential source in his coverage of a San Antonio, Texas, murder case back in the late 1980s.

He is not alone.

Karem told the Atlanta Press Club Monday evening he is one of 14 journalists he knows who have been jailed for what he describes as exercising their First Amendment rights.

See complete report on the push for a federal shield law: The Valdosta Daily Times


Photo By Jim Zachary The Sentinel Newspapers Executive Editor Brian J. Karem and Brad Stone, of WSB-TV Atlanta, share their stories about being jailed for protecting their news sources and explain their reasons for calling for a national journalists shield law while addressing the Atlanta Press Club Monday evening.


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