Official boycotts out of town retreat

A metro Atlanta city councilman will be boycotting the city’s out of town retreat, opting not to take the public’s business to a resort in another county.

Douglasville councilman Richard Segal cited a 2014 article by Transparency Project of Georgia Director Jim Zachary headlined “Government retreats show disregard for citizens” in making his decision, according to a report in the Douglas County Sentinel.

The Sentinel article states, “Segal co-sponsored an Open Government Symposium in Douglasville last February where Zachary spoke for three hours about open records, open meetings, and why government transparency is important for democracy.”

“Why in the world is it not good enough for a group of county commissioners or city councilman to be able to meet in the buildings that we already paid for?” Zachary asked at the symposium. … You should never take the people’s business away from the people. … (Out of town) retreats are probably … the most irresponsible thing that local governments can do.”

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