Common Cause Georgia speaks out on stadium move

Common Cause Georgia speaks out on stadium move

Common Cause Georgia, another organization that, like the Transparency Project of Georgia, recognizes that our state and governments are sorely lacking in the way citizens are involved, published a blog this week calling for greater transparency in the controversial construction of a new stadium for the Atlanta Braves in Cobb County.

Common Cause Georgia Board Member Terry Taylor writes:

Common Cause Georgia does not oppose the Braves moving to Cobb County, or even Cobb County using public funds to build a stadium. What we do oppose is using such a substantial amount of public money without significant public engagement. When a request for a public referendum was rebuffed, Common Cause Georgia called on the Cobb Board of Commissioners (BOC) to publish a communications plan for reporting to citizens on the county’s involvement in the stadium.

Taylor continues that although local officials have taken steps to improve citizen engagement, those plans seem to pose more questions than answers.

The stadium issue is a perfect example of government officials taking the lead on an important (and expensive) project with little-to-no public engagement — and that’s a problem.

We commend all fellow transparency warriors for keeping an eye on their local government, and we will be following this issue closely in the coming months.

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