Standing United for Open Government

Welcome to the Transparency Project of Georgia.

As individuals it’s easy to feel disenfranchised, and to believe that the very people elected to represent us in fact assault the rights of the individual.

Among our most important civil liberties is the fundamental First Amendement right of free speech, and among our most important rights to protect basic liberties are the rights of access to our government. The governing may not always be inclined to listen to the governed, leaving the individual feeling powerless to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Political parties, sadly, become a part of the government apparatus itself and fail to champion individual rights in a meaningful way. The only way to shift the balance of powers away from the governing and back to the governed is by sheer numbers.

The Project is designed to amplify the voices of ordinary citizens by advocating for openness and transparency in local government, while creating a platform for commentary, an open and free exchange of ideas and a powerful citizens’ lobby for government accountability.

The Project does not belong to any group or individual. As a citizen you are encouraged to take “ownership” of the project and work hand in hand with citizens across the state, working together to incubate greater transparency in local government.

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